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Need knows no boundaries

In Saginaw, Bay and Midland Counties – and beyond – there are thousands of children who need.

Some need medical care that their families cannot afford.

Some go to school in shoes with worn-out soles, without winter coats, without basic school supplies.

Despite that, some do the right thing. They commit acts that demonstrate every principle of great citizenship. Yet, because their families do not have the means, they receive no reward or recognition.

There are many federal, state, local and private “safety nets” to help these kids.

Yet those nets fail to catch hundreds … or do enough for many they do catch.

Maier & Associates Charitable Foundation was designed to help catch those the safety nets miss. Our focus is to find children who might not otherwise qualify for – or even be truly helped by – program assistance. And help them – as discreetly as we can.

You cannot “apply” for help from our Foundation. We rely on the community to let us know about children in need. We look for ways to match our efforts with those of the community. And we do it with no administrative overhead and no money retained. What we receive, we give.

We believe that, in life, adults have choices – in where we are, what we do, what we can afford. Children don’t have those choices. Our goal is to make sure each child has the same opportunities, the same encouragement and the same belief in him or herself – regardless of the choices made by their parents.

Our communities have thousands of children who need those opportunities, encouragement and belief.

Are you ready to help give it to them?





Just For Kids Charitable Foundation

5982 Westside Saginaw Rd.
Bay City, Michigan 48706

(989) 667-KIDS (5437)
or (888) 391-KIDS

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