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Wealth Management

Wealth Management Designed to Keep You on the Right Track

When it comes to your finances, the Financial Advisors at Maier & Associates are committed to helping you every step of the way – even after you’ve achieved financial freedom.

Once we’ve helped you create a wealth plan to pursue your goals and live comfortably, we’ll work with you to design a new asset portfolio strategy – one that will fit your personal financial goals and help you protect what you’ve already accumulated. 

Depending on your personal goals, the Advisors at Maier & Associates may recommend a combination of non-proprietary:

  • Insurance Trust Services
  • Estate and Financial Planning
  • Fee-Based Asset Management Programs
  • Domestic and International Securities
  • Annuities and Other Tax-Efficient Investments

Asset Allocation

The asset management team at Maier & Associates will work with you to develop guidelines so that you clearly understand your position in terms of asset allocation – a term used to describe the division of your investment portfolio among different asset categories including stocks, bonds, and cash alternatives. Rather than focusing on individual investments (such as which company’s stock to buy), asset allocation approaches diversification from a more general viewpoint.

For example, what percentage of your portfolio should be stocks? The underlying principle is that different classes of investments have shown different rates of return and levels of price volatility over time.

Additionally, your stocks may go down while your bonds go up, or vice versa, simply because different asset classes respond differently to the same news.

At Maier & Associates, we believe diversifying your investments over various asset classes can help you minimize volatility and maximize potential return. If Asset Allocation is something that interests you, our asset management team will work alongside you to construct an individual investment portfolio by using our unbiased research on the economy and a wide variety of investment-related topics. We have a great selection of model portfolios based on different financial objectives that can help provide you with well-defined investment parameters.

Wealth Management


By creating an individual comprehensive financial plan, you will then know what your required long-term rate of return needs to be in order to accomplish your financial goals and objectives throughout retirement. We can help evaluate the level of risk within your current portfolio to see if it reflects your financial goals and objectives. We can also evaluate your timetable to accomplish your goals, as well as your personal tolerance to risk.Think about this: if you are unsure of what your required rate of return is, how do you know if your investments are suitable? Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, C/D’s, exchange traded funds or ETF’s and annuity products are all investment tools. You need to begin with a blueprint of what you are looking to build. Without it, how do you know which tools to select and are suitable?

Diversification seeks to reduce the volatility of a portfolio by investing in a variety of asset classes. Neither asset allocation nor diversification guarantee against market loss or greater or more consistent returns.