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Investing With Us

Who Should Invest With Us?

We are a Michigan based group of independent Financial Advisors, dedicated to our community and clients. Our clients choose us for independent financial advice for long-term strategic planning. We specialize in:

  • College Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Asset Management

As an individual or a small business owner, we can help you create a financial plan to attempt to manage your financial goals.

No matter the stage of life you’re currently in, an organized and detailed investment plan is a key factor to pursuing financial success. Whether you’re an experienced investor, an individual looking to retire, or someone who is just starting to invest, Maier & Associates has the experience and tools needed to help you create your investment plan. 

Financial Advice & Retirement Planning

The Maier & Associates Financial Group is proud to offer financial advice and retirement planning to clients from all walks of life. Here at Maier & Associates, we provide independent financial advice to communities across the country from three locations in Michigan: Bay City, Gaylord, and Roscommon.

Feel free to browse the following pages related to Financial Advice and Retirement Planning:

  • Preparing for Retirement
  • Living in Retirement
  • Paying for Education
  • Planning Your Estate
  • Handling Life Transitions
  • Planning for the Unexpected

Use our investment return calculator to figure out if you’re meeting your goals!