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College Planning

College Planning | to Help Your Family Fund College

College is important – especially in today’s economy when a college education has become the key to opening doors to many career opportunities. However, unless you’re well off financially, it can seem overwhelming trying to save for school while also managing the day-to-day expenses associated with raising a family in today’s uncertain economy. At Maier & Associates, we want to make saving for college easier by including it in your overall financial plan.

When it comes to saving for your child’s education, it’s important to have the right college financial planning strategy in place. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a savings plan that offers you a combination of tax advantages, financial aid benefits, and flexibility, while addressing your overall investment needs. It is important to consider all your options at start-up and review them often as your goals and needs change.

Use our college planning calculator to figure out your savings!

College Financial Planning Considerations

At Maier & Associates Financial Group, we can help explain the implications and help you prepare an investment strategy that will work toward balancing capital appreciation and preservation. We want to help you understand the differences and the benefits of these options – we’re more than happy to review these options with you! College Planning can help your family fund college, no matter if you have a complete financial need, a partial need, or even no financial need at all.To learn more, feel free to visit our Paying for College/Education page.

Thought Provoking Questions for College Planning


This question is unique onto you. There isn’t a single “best way” to save for college. Although there are multiple ways and investment vehicles to consider, they all have pros and cons. Some provide tax benefits and advantages over others. It’s imperative that you first consider your personal financial situation, goals and objectives and that you understand your options. Don’t make your college savings decisions based on what you’ve heard “everybody else does”. You have many options, choose the one that’s right for your and your personal situation. Consulting with a financial team can help you determine which options may be right for you.