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Our Investment Philosophy 

At Maier & Associates Financial Group, we work hard to set up a personalized long-term investment strategy for our clients that seek to give them the best chance at achieving their financial goals. We do not believe in a “set it and forget it” policy. Instead, our investment philosophy is to create an open dialogue of shared ideas and a mutual understanding of our clients’ goals and objectives.

Additionally, we also like to help our clients rebalance during turbulent markets – we believe it is our mission to attempt to keep investors from making irrational decisions during times of fear and greed. We do this by using a complex tracking system that watches market trends, and using the indicators to keep our clients from making regrettable decisions as to when and where money is invested.

Another critical part of the M & A Group Investment Philosophy is taking the time to get to know our clients’ personalities and needs – communication is our most important tool! By clearly understanding and constantly reevaluating our clients’ comfort levels with investment risk vs. portfolio performance expectations, we can develop a strategic and personalized investing plan.

By doing this, we not only build strong portfolios, we also create strong client/advisor relationships. While there is no foolproof investment strategy that can guarantee against loss, we promise to work hard to create a strategy that is strong and tailored to your financial goals/needs.





Why You Can Trust
Maier & Associates Financial Group

Whenever money or your financial success is involved, there needs to be trust. At Maier & Associates, we believe in building relationships with our clients and at the heart of those relationships is one thing: trust. We communicate honestly and strive to be completely transparent with our clients, both in good times and in challenging markets. Our focus is on you, our customer – we will NEVER take you or your investments for granted.

Why do we work so hard to be trustworthy, transparent, and friendly? Honestly, it’s because we believe that these characteristics are the key to conducting a successful and pleasant business. We have your best interests in mind and genuinely want to see you financially succeed – today, tomorrow, and years down the road.

To see exactly what we’re about at Maier & Associates, give us a call at (800) 282-4503 – we look forward to getting to know you!

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Never. We believe that everyone should have access to sound financial advice, which is why we will gladly review your account and make recommendations where needed, IF needed, and at no charge to you.

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